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Pink Socks: Grandma Jessie used to be in charge of charitable donations at her church in Orange County, and she always receive many more clothes than the needy people in her congragation could use, so she would bag them up in big black trash bags and send them home with us. We called it "The Bag". Then we would go through The Bag and take what we could use and people we knew could use, and then The Bag would go to Grandma Rosie for her garage sale or the field workers or people at her church.

I have a pair of pink socks that came out of The Bag, oh, probably twenty years ago. They are still good and haven't worn thin, despite the fact that I wear them often because I like them. A lot. There was a counterpart pair of socks I got from The Bag at the same time, the same sock but in sage green, which has long ago reunited with Mother Earth. But my pink socks just wear on and on. I think they are some kind of miracle sock. Super socks. The socks for eternity.

[Comments] (5) Keeping Warm: Cats have a normal body temperature of 101 degrees, so it is important to keep them close to you during a cold winter season. One suggestion is the Cat Hat, which will prevent heat transfer from the top of your head into the atmosphere, at least until your scalp reaches equilibrium with the cat or the cat jumps off. Clothing that contains large Cat Pockets is a stylish addition to anyone's winter wardrobe.

A common problem is a situation in which you need the cat on your cold feet, but the cat prefers to rest on your tummy. We can suggest our new Cat Slippers, which are large enough for one foot and one cat together. An optional feature of the new Cat Slipper is a ribbed cuff opening at the toe which allows the cat's head to protrude for a decidedly retro look. It is important when wearing Cat Slippers to keep your legs as far apart as possible at all times in order to avoid hissing and suchlike.


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