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Wedding Bells: I went to a bridal shower for Christa Settlemire today. There were not very many people from church there; it was mostly her friends and co-workers. She got a lot of things that really made her blush. I wouldn't know a)where to buy such stuff b)how to get up the nerve to go into that kind of store, or c) what to do with it if I did have it.

I think I may have missed the boat somewhere along the line.

We played a game I'd never seen before, called Pin the Kiss on the Groom. We had little paper kisses and a big cardboard poster of Drew. My kiss ended up on his chin. Christa played last, and while she was blindfolded, they took away the cardboard Drew and sneaked the real one in so that when she felt her way to him he grabbed her and kissed her. She screamed. It was pretty funny.


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