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[Comments] (3) Response to Sumana's Post: I'm happy for Condi Rice that she was able to have UFE. It would be nice if it were a procedure available to all women, but alas, most private insurance companies won't cover it, and most people don't have the kind of cash on hand (or connections) Condi does. Insurance companies would rather have us bleed to death, it appears. Or maybe we should have the hysterectomy and get sent home from the hospital too early, with our tummy slit open.

Been there, done that. So has Nancy.

I hope Dr. Rice remembers what kind of privileges she enjoys because of the efforts of the women who have gone before, and when the current administration starts chipping away at those rights, she will do something. This is not an optimistic hope.


Posted by Sumana at Mon Nov 22 2004 17:06

My Rice post is here: http://www.ocf.berkeley.edu/~sumanah/cgi-bin/nb/nb.cgi/view/weblog/2004/11/22/0

Posted by Sumana at Mon Nov 22 2004 17:08

Rice is National Security Advisor and will probably move on up to be Secretary of State. She used to call herself a Democrat and switched in the mid-Eighties. I doubt she'd speak up against Bush on anything.

Posted by Rachel at Mon Nov 22 2004 21:38

I heard on all things considered that the spending bill for next year has "language" in it that would allow the right to opt-out for performing or recomending practices to which one has a moral or religious obligation, currently a right of doctors and nurses etc, to be extended to companies such a corperations and insurance companies. The abortions rights person said that some of these groups accept federal funding and are supposed to present all alternatives including keeping the chils, adoption, and abortion; in some cases they will be except or even prevented from so much as giving a referral about abortion. The pro-life guy said that "corporations are run by people with morals" or similair.... which, I guess, gives them the right to impose their morals on the entire comapny...?

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