Jabberwocky for 2004 November 28 (entry 1)

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[Comments] (2) Sign Me Up For The Idiot Brigade: When I am feeling sick, it is very difficult to concentrate on anything else. One time I was vomiting into a wastebasket in the Humanities Building and I couldn't even see straight. Eventually I felt I was better enough to crawl home, so I left, and I got halfway across campus before I realized I was still carrying that wastebasket. So I had to sneak back with it, fearful of getting caught and that someone would accuse me of stealing it.

I say this by way of introduction as the reason I left my purse in the restroom of the Shell station at the Firebaugh exit last Wednesday. Arrrrgh, arrrgh, arrrrgh! I know being sick is no excuse, but it is the reason. I had to spend the whole holiday with no money--was not able to buy a cowboy song CD to give Jonathan, was not able to treat my kids to lunch, was not even able to buy gas! The Pits.

Fortunately some Good Samaritan found the purse and the station owners saved it for me, so I was able to retrieve it on the return trip. The Shell operator called my bank when the purse was found and they have my checkbook and ATM card on hold, so I will have to call tomorrow and see what needs to be done about that. I had forgotten about that when I went to the grocery store on Saturday. Arrrrgh, arrrgh, arrrgh. I hate it when I do stupid klutzy disorganized things.


Posted by Susie at Mon Nov 29 2004 12:03

Mr. (well probably Ms., seeing as the purse was left in the women's restroom) Good Samaritan also left all of the cash in the purse.

Posted by anonymous at Mon Nov 29 2004 21:09

I left my purse at Toys R Us once when I was in a dither with little kids and was horrified. Some kind person found it in a shopping cart outside and got it just ahead of some punks who would have destroyed it and taken everything. It is scary and inconvenient. So glad you got yours back intact. Marianne

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