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[Comments] (3) Mercator Projection: Sumana is all upset about the Mercator Projection. I must confess I have been irritated by it for years. Even when I was a kid, I disapproved of the warpage of continentage, and later when I happened to see a map of the world in a Russian geography text, it occurred to me that the Mercator Projection is just plain chauvinistic.

No wonder the rest of the world hates Americans. We think even the map centers on us, us, us.

In good news, the Supreme Court has refused to review the Massachusetts gay marriage law.

I think I would like to be a Supreme Court justice. Then I could decide the way it is and the way it's gonna be and people would take me seriously. Let's start with the Mercator Projection.

[Comments] (2) Bare, Ruined Choirs Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang: It really frosted last night. I went out to get the newspaper, and every little viola flower had a rim. A rim of rime. The poor eggplant is a goner. It droops, all withered and pathetic and turning black. I guess it's time for the green waste bin.

Even though the furnace was on, I still froze all night. Xochitl was under the covers with me, but she is so little and scrawny she didn't provide much heat. I seriously considered inviting Gretel up into bed with me, but she had gas.


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