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[Comments] (2) The Stepford Wives Don't Have These Problems: I have a big owie red place on my eyelid. It not only hurts, it itches, so I have an appointment with the eye doctor, Dr. Freeman, tomorrow at 3:45. I like Dr. Freeman, but I always have to wait forever in the waiting room before seeing him. Fortunately, I have no hot date tomorrow night.

I also got back into case management with the County Health Department. They had me on the string before, but I dropped off when I started working full time. Now I am back. The public health nurse came to see me this afternoon. Gretel liked her really well and kissed her a lot.

Dr. Amin ended up with no flu shot for me. I can possibly go stand in a line at some senior center in Oildale on November 22 from 2 to 4 p.m., or the public health nurse is going to see if she can get me one. She said she requested twenty shots of the current ration from the county.

She also said I shouldn't dig in the dirt. Flubathththt. Just try and stop me.


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