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[Comments] (2) Oh, oh, oh, It's Magic!: A sprinkler pipe on the back patio came loose and was making floods. I've had it on my RoundTuit list for a while. As I woke up this morning I decided that today was the day. Go to Home Depot, buy glue, dry the pipe off, sand it, glue it, and while I am at it, cap off the extention that is not being used.

Then I went outside to pick lemons and noticed the pipe had been glued! It was my Fairy Godfather!

Ohhhhh, Godfather! I have a whole list for you! Come back!


Posted by John at Fri Dec 03 2004 14:58

That's cool! I was wondering if Gretel and/or Sadie had gotten their "puppy pound revenge" yet.

Posted by Frances at Fri Dec 03 2004 15:56

Nope, so far so good.

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