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[Comments] (1) This Just In From The Whitney Research Group:: Dear WRG: We all hope for royal blood in the Whitney family. Sure enough, there is: 1. John-1 WHITNEY (1592-1673), m.(1) Elinor ----- 2. John-2 WHITNEY (1621-1692), m. Ruth REYNOLDS 3. Ruth-3 WHITNEY (1645-1718), m. John SHATTUCK 4. William SHATTUCK (1670-1744), m. Hannah UNDERWOOD 5. Hannah SHATTUCK (ca1690- ), m. Nathaniel BLOOD 6. Hannah BLOOD (1721-1796), m. Joseph BLOOD 7. Royal BLOOD (1758-1825), m. Rachel GILSON, res. Groton, MA Reference: Groton Vital Records. Regards, Robert Mr. Robert L. Ward rlward@whitneygen.org http://www.whitneygen.org/home.html


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