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[Comments] (4) Time to Undeck the Halls: Finger a little better. I haven'tupdated my blog because I didn't want to rave and rave about my wonderful gift and have Susie read it and guess that she was getting it too. But then Rachel blabbed, so she knew anyhow. For Christmas, Leonard published my entire journal in a book--a real book, with the Jabberwock on the front and the author's picture on the back. (Who is the scariest?)

Leonard aand I drove to Utah where we are visiting John and Susie. Yesterday we went to an exhibit of artifacts of the ancient Mediterranean world which was very, very nice. Everything in the show was exceptionally fine, and there were only two pottery shards.

todday we go to SLC and I can visit at Jon & Sharon's house. I wish I felt well enough to go running around, but it's nice to be here and see everyone.


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