Jabberwocky for 2004 December 4 (entry 1)

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[Comments] (4) QUAKE!: A few minutes ago, 4.3, near Eureka. I hope no Victorian homes are damaged.

The USGS has added a feature to their quake site--color coded shake maps, showing severity of damage from the epicenter on out. Pretty neat. USGS claims these shake maps will be posted within ten minutes after the event. In case you ever wondered just how anal those geologists are, here is a suggestion of proof.



Posted by Alyson at Sun Dec 05 2004 06:23

I wish I had known my geologist grandfather. :(

Posted by Frances at Sun Dec 05 2004 12:43

I wish you had too. He was a fascinating man. I miss him very, very much.

Posted by Susie at Sun Dec 05 2004 13:44

People likely affected by the damage are less likely to be able to look online and see how bad it is.

Posted by Frances at Sun Dec 05 2004 16:36

It's for us looky-loos.


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