Jabberwocky for 2004 February 11 (entry 0)

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[Comments] (3) : It's time to start packing for my drive to Utah. I will attend Alyssa's wedding, see my children and other family members, and bring little Sadie-dog back to her new home. I only have a stack of papers about 3 inches thick to take and grade over my vacation!

Today the newspaper published the results of the Fat Cat Contest. Tonks is still working on it. The winner weighed in at 33 pounds. Now THAT is a fat cat! I put Tonks on the bathroom scale to weigh him and he weighed in at 16. He was very confused by the procedure--dim bulb, you know. 16 pounds is still a pretty hefty kittycat. Bobocatmorn at his most glorious weighed seventeen.


Posted by Rachel at Wed Feb 11 2004 18:47

My BA-BYIEEE *kitten*!

Posted by Susie at Wed Feb 11 2004 19:05

Bobocat!!! Wah. Yay, my mommy is coming!

Posted by Alyson at Thu Feb 12 2004 08:30

I'm going to miss the party there! However, I get to spend my weekend with Leonard, so we all win!


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