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: The dogs are getting along wonderfully and playing nicely together. Only thing is, it's like being a nursery school teacher or a Campfire leader.

: When we go to the temple, everyone is dressed alike in white clothing. Everyone is equal, and it doesn't matter who in the world you are. This is the way it will be in heaven, and this is what our democratic society has been striving for these last couple of centuries.

Our great-grandmothers marched and fought and went to jail for female suffrage and abolition of slavery. Thousands have given their lives in defense of freedom and equality.

Now, some of the Christian Right is promoting this FederalMarriage Amendment. This is a huge step backwards, and the Constitution of the United States is going to be amended to mandate inequality based on biology over my dead body.

I went to the website to sign the "anti" petition; there were 557,573 signatures.



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