Jabberwocky for 2004 February 19 (entry 0)

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[Comments] (5) : Everyone on the Molly list is on a diet/fitness kick, and I mentioned that I've gotten so I'd rather eat a real orange than a chocolate one. So Alyson, via Leonard, sent me a bunch of organic oranges! What a surprise! I made juice this morning, and it is yum.

Meanwhile, I've almost made it through the orange I got in my Christmas stocking. It's not an orange one, it's lime flavor, and it is luscious. I have just two slices left. It's funny. Years ago the whole thing would have been gone in one sitting, but I think I'm enjoying it more a tiny bit at a time.


Posted by Alyson at Thu Feb 19 2004 12:37

I wish I could have brought them myself! *loves*

Posted by Sumana at Thu Feb 19 2004 15:43

You're enjoying them a tiny bit at a LIME!

Posted by Susie at Thu Feb 19 2004 19:16

hehe. I ate an orange at work today and it was yummy, but probably not nearly as yummy as yours! Remember when we had that tree? I still don't like processed orange juice, just yummy yummy fresh stuff.

Posted by Susie at Fri Feb 20 2004 08:56

*everyone* where I work is doing the Atkins diet. Is that just a Utah fad?

Posted by Frances at Fri Feb 20 2004 12:04

No, Atkins is a nationwide fad. It was on the cover of Newsweek a while back.


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