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[Comments] (5) : Good old Dubya spewed out an endorsement of the federal marriage amendment today. The man has GOT TO GO, I tell you! He's going to get a pile more votes from all the conservative Christians now.

Those people are dangerous.

I am shaking my head at the way the Church is crawling over itself to be considered "Christian." From where I sit, Christian is not all that great of a thing to be. For one thing, they believe in justification by grace, which absolutly doesn't fly in my book, and they believe that they are the only people who have the opportunity to be saved. In addition, they believe that they should be able to dictate how everyone else should live, what they should read, and what should be studied in school.

These people have and promote a bigoted fundamentalist mindset, and I think we can do very well without them and the Christian-in-Chief.

: At long last, I have finished resizing all of Aunt Jeuney's scanned photos and loaded them onto my hard drive. There were only two that had bit rot, and one she had two copies saved, so it was ok. The only thing I couldn't load was a file called Christmas 1973. Now, what I have to do is sort out all the various other pictures and make scanned copies of all the pictures from the Call side, and then I can burn a CD.


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