Jabberwocky for 2004 February 8 (entry 0)

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[Comments] (6) : Today in Relief Society they passed out petitions for the constitutional amendment to preserve the sanctity of marriage. I was really bothered: 1) we are told not to use church meeting for politics, 2) I'm not sure marriage is worth preserving (only partly a joke!) and 3) I think that is the dumbest excuse for a constitutional amendment I've seen in my life.

What? We couldn't get the Equal Rights Amendment ratified, so we're going to pass this nonsense into law?

When the stack of petitions came my way, I didn't take one. I thought I would be alone, but Sarah [Welch] Giorgis saw me and smiled. Then she didn't take one either! I'm not alone! Ernestine Boonstoppel, who was sitting by me, took one, but asked me to explain it to her after the meeting. She listened to my explanation (I tried to be neutral and fair) and then she said "Flubathththth."


Posted by rachel at Sun Feb 08 2004 19:57

Boo marriage!

Posted by Kristen at Mon Feb 09 2004 11:53

What is it with Bakersfield and petitions? Everytime I turn around, you are talking about a petition someone is trying to get you to sign. Kinda funny.

Posted by frances at Mon Feb 09 2004 13:10

Participatory democracy in action.

I think it's the same most anywhere that isn't a theocracy.

Posted by Kristen at Mon Feb 09 2004 17:59

I don't remember my parents every signing petitions on a monthy basis in San Antonio.

Posted by Frances at Mon Feb 09 2004 18:19

In California, any fool can get any wild scheme on the ballot they feel like, if only they get enough signatures. It's a circus. Of course that incident in Relief Society on Sunday is about an effort to change the U.S. Constitution. It's my understanding it's spearheaded by the Christian Right in an effort to block the new gay rights laws in Vermont and Massachusetts. Scary, scary, scary.

Posted by Nancy at Mon Feb 09 2004 20:19

thank you. sometimes I feel like I am standing there all alone, like the black sheep, rocking the boat at church and other places with my viewpoint, which isnt always the popular opinion. Why is it that a transplant operation is a Medical Miracle, but an abortion to save someones life is meddling with God's plan? People seem to pick and choose their issues,according to how it affects them. No fair. And sometimes divorce is the only way to save your sanity. ~~~hearts to you~~~


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