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: Happy Birthday to You! Happy Birthday to You! Happy Birthday Dear Rachel! Happy Birthday to you!

[Comments] (1) : So Martha Stewart lied about her stock sale. What else has she lied about? Did she lie about high count cotton sheets? Did she lie to us about homemade blackberry ink? How about the antique mason jars made into lanterns with candles and sand? Is that not true?

Now, creme brulee, I know that one is a lie.

[Comments] (1) : I hadn't seen Xochitl in four days, and I was really beginning to worry, but this evening I spotted her two houses away. I gave her a lecture about where she belongs. I think she's avoiding the home front because of the dybbuk that has come to live in our house. There is no safety anymore.

If she would just get in a couple of good swipes with her little needleclaws I bet that would solve the problem, but she runs away.

: Leonard and I went to see Secret Window. Oooooooohhh that handsome Johnny! We liked the movie, but did not find it as tense and scary as a Hitchcock. Leonard thinks it is similar to a Stephen King novel, not the one the movie is based upon but another one. I have never read a Stephen King novel myself.


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