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[Comments] (2) : Today before church I fed Leonard quiche and fruit salad. I made the quiche with leftover asparagus from lunch yesterday, and it is YUMMY! Then he and I started sorting away in the garage--going through, getting rid of lots of stuff. His old stuff. Some of the things he wanted to get rid of I made him save, like his Cabbage Patch astronaut doll. There was a lot of stuff he actually could sell on Ebay if he wanted to.

We found his Halley's Comet matchbox car. I think Halley's Comet has to be one of the high points of my life. I love comets. My grandfather got to see Halley's Comet twice--once when he was a teenager and once when he was a very old man. I celebrated the second time with him.

I tripped over the manger in the garage and made a huge gash on my leg. I thought I just had a little nick on the shin, but upon further investigation there is a big gushable hole on my knee. By the time I noticed it, it has pretty much settled down, and is now going about its work of turning purple.

[Comments] (1) : Metacognition, as Explained By Tonks: "I know I'm not all that bright, but I'm friendly. What is so all-fired great about having a great big brain anyhow? All that mouse-hunting and philosophy and Oedipus Complexes and all that.... it's better to have a tabula rasa and nap in the sunshine.

[Comments] (2) : The quote on the today's sheet of my Afterthoughts notepad says, "Earth... one million one hundred thousand animal species living in harmony... and one species stark raving out of control." I wonder how true that really is? I'll agree that homo sapiens [what an idiotic species name!] is pushing the limit, but might there not be other species doing so as well? Mosquitoes, perhaps. Viruses, definitely.

[Comments] (5) : What I want to know is, has the United States sent anybody to Spain for a condolence visit? I've been combing the news for days and have found no mention of such a gesture. According to the White House Website, on Friday, President Bush did give a little speech to the Spanish embassy and press corps, and he laid a wreath and floated the Spanish flag, which was very nice, but I think someone should go over there.

Neither have I read news reports of American rescue workers going to help. I'm very sure they must be, and the press is not covering their efforts. Can it be we are so inured to these constant attacks that the media is beginning to treat tragedy with a big yawn? We must not forget that even if disasters happen far away, someone somewhere has lost family members.


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