Jabberwocky for 2004 March 14 (entry 3)

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[Comments] (5) : What I want to know is, has the United States sent anybody to Spain for a condolence visit? I've been combing the news for days and have found no mention of such a gesture. According to the White House Website, on Friday, President Bush did give a little speech to the Spanish embassy and press corps, and he laid a wreath and floated the Spanish flag, which was very nice, but I think someone should go over there.

Neither have I read news reports of American rescue workers going to help. I'm very sure they must be, and the press is not covering their efforts. Can it be we are so inured to these constant attacks that the media is beginning to treat tragedy with a big yawn? We must not forget that even if disasters happen far away, someone somewhere has lost family members.


Posted by Rachel at Sun Mar 14 2004 17:28

I completely agree with this

Posted by John at Sun Mar 14 2004 18:26

Well, we might not need to send someone over there, as we already have embassy diplomats currently stationed there to send condolences. They just need to send the rescue workers. Anyone else notice that it happened on the six-month anniversary of Sept 11?

Posted by Kristen at Mon Mar 15 2004 11:56

Interesting point, John. It would be a nice gesture to send rescue workers.

Posted by rachel at Mon Mar 15 2004 12:54

I think this is a big and tragic enough event to send some "special" people over for condolences, especially considering what a good friend Spain has been to us... I am sure they would (and have!) done the same if the situation was reversed. I'm actually going to write about this in my "America needs to treat it's allies better" paragraph of my paper.

Posted by John at Mon Mar 15 2004 14:53

I'm still confused on how exactly America is treating its allies badly....


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