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: Little Ethan Ledbetter loves rocks. He started by finding my trilobite on the coffee table and noticing it's like the one I gave to him. From there, he began to explore, and he picked up each rock and looked at it very carefully. When he had seen every rock on the coffee table, he started on the bookshelf. He was especially fascinated by the jar of cave pearls.

Not only did he want to see and feel each rock, but he wanted to know its name and habitat. He replaced them each so very gently. What a kid!

[Comments] (1) : I had quite the time today trying to find something green to wear for St. Pat's. I don't understand it--I have green sheets, my living room is painted green-- why don't I have any green clothes? I finally found a moss green t-shirt, and when I got to work Kim Nickell said she was in the same situation. She was wearing lime. Oh, well, we were "green". I think this just goes to prove that I'm not at all Irish.

So on St. Andrew's Day, should I wear my nightgown, since that is the only tartan thing I have?


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