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[Comments] (3) : Mirrors do lie. I think it probably has something to do with loose molecules and glass being a liquid that slowly warps. The mirror in the dressing room where I tried on my new white temple dress made me look fat (and shorter than I am.) It is a fat mirror. On the other hand, there was one in our apartment at Montighetto in Provo that was a stretchy mirror. It made me look taller and thinner. One of my roommates took a picture of me standing in front of it in a bikini. My reflection looks fabulous, but the real me shows telltale chunks of cellulite. That's when I started thinking about mirrors.

One of the cleverest uses of a mirror is in Secret Window, where the protagonist is approaching the mirror and his reflection is walking away from him, so we see the guy's back walking away from the camera and also walking away in the mirror. It turns the trope of mirror on end.

More mirror thoughts: Gretel knows there is a dog in the bathroom mirror. Every so often she has to stand up at the sink to look to see if the dog is still there.

I hate the mirror in the Nations' dining room. It is huge--wall to wall, floor to ceiling, and it gives me the creeps to see myself sit and eat.


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