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[Comments] (2) : Yesterday, Grandma and Pat and I took Rachel to lunch at the Olive Garden for her birthday. Joel came too, and sat in his high chair looking around like a good little boy. He was so adorable! Shannon came for a little while and watched us eat; we had a nice visit.

Everyone but Rachel had the soup and salad. This was the first time I had Olive Garden's minestrone, and I thought it was wonderful. I looked up the copycat recipe on the internet, but I thought the recipe was for a something slightly different than what we ate. Maybe different Olive Garden chefs do it differently. The only OG I have ever eaten at besides ours is the one in Dallas where we ate before Alyson and Dave's wedding.

P.S. Rachel had the chicken parmasiana.

I'm sure pigs just flew. Grandpa has switched his allegiance to the Democrats. He actually threw a fund-raising appeal from George Bush into the trash while we were there.


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