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No Easter Bunny: No Easter Bunny came to our house, but Rachel and I went to church and then out to Pat & Alan's "new" condo for dinner. Pat made ham, potato salad, and green salad, Kathy made jello salad, and I made cheesecake. The guys all stayed busy and involved watching the golf tournament on TV. Except for Kyle--he was zonked out in the recliner, dead to the world.

I took the Easter basket centerpiece off the dining room table and plonked it and Joel in an azalea bush to take his picture, so I'll have a pretty cute Eastery scrapbook page in spite of no bunny.

Getting out to Pat's was the pits. The authorities had closed Hart Park, and the cops had blocked off all the roads. Everyone in town was there gettting turned away from their planned picnic and sent home. I think that can't possibly have been a legal move by the city because it left the people who live next to Hart Park trapped. We eventually found a back way in and Rachel hopped out and moved the orange roadblock cone.


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