Jabberwocky for 2004 April 16 (entry 0)

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[Comments] (6) Bah to Technology: I had to get a new computer. Wrestled it in from the car. Could find nary a soul to come help me hook it up. Gave up. Went to bed. Tackled it this afternoon. Moved every book. Heaved and shoved at the computer desk. Finally got it moved. Puff puff. Exhausted. Cleaned up dust bunnies. Hooked up new computer. Fixed all cords so Gretel doesn't yank on them. Don't have everything working yet.

The pit thing is, I can't figure out how to get my mail.


Posted by rachel at Fri Apr 16 2004 23:36

if you'd waited, i could have come home to help! it makes me sad to think of you moving all that stuff on your own... & our new computers could play together!!

Posted by Frances at Sat Apr 17 2004 09:25

I couldn't wait. I have to do the program for Sunday and grades for Monday.

Posted by John at Sat Apr 17 2004 10:39

what kind of computer is it?

Posted by Frances at Sat Apr 17 2004 15:48

Compaq Presario.

Posted by Susie at Sat Apr 17 2004 19:57

I had that computer and it is dead now. You sure do go through computers fast.q

Posted by Frances at Sat Apr 17 2004 21:37

The other one was five years old, and patched together.


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