Jabberwocky for 2004 April 17 (entry 0)

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[Comments] (3) Visitor: My cousin Whit Griffith, who drives a truck on a route between Seattle and Los Angeles, stopped by for a visit. This is the first time he has visited me, and it was nice to see him. He brought a box of old papers from Aunt Jeuney that I will have to go through, a Mongolian hot pot for Leonardw if he wants it, and a wedding present for Susie and John.

I made a dish from the last meal on the Titanic for dinner--Chicken Lyonnaise. It was really good. I also made wild rice, vegetables, and a California salad.

We went over a bunch of genealogy and I showed him what I have done on Uncle Carl's. (His father.)

The bad thing that happened --and this is very bad-- is that his dog ran away while he was here. Somehow he got out of the back yard. We drove around looking and asking neighbors, and we made fliers and hung them out. On Monday, I will have to go to the pound.


Posted by rachel at Sun Apr 18 2004 14:47

oh no!!! doggie!!

Posted by Alyson at Mon Apr 19 2004 13:51

Have you found him???

Posted by Kristen at Mon Apr 19 2004 14:53

I don't know if this is Sadie b/c she is a she, but it sure does sound like her. She runs away all the time. Maybe she will find her way home. She always did at our house and mom's. If she is not found, it was just a matter of time, she is a free spirit.


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