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[Comments] (1) Norway: Today at church I was late for Sunday School because I went to the clerk's office in between to get a new birthday list. There was nowhere to sit, so I dropped by the family history center and chewed the fat with those guys. Toren Torgersen pulled up some maps of Norway on the Internet and was showing Bob Harmon and me all the places his family came from. He says there are extreme variations of the dialect even within a county. I hadn't realized that Norway had so many little islands along the coast. They are innumerable, and to think that each little one has its name and people living there! It's like the coastline is breaking apart into the sea, which I guess it is.

Toren also brought up a website of his family's hometown. It was a wonderful website, very visually pleasing. I couldn't read a word, but the photographs were lovely. Toren says the web page announces that the Beach Boys are going to give a concert there in May. Bob and I think they are probably not the kind of beaches the Beach Boys are used to.


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