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[Comments] (1) A Trip to the Pound: Today I went to the pound to continue looking for Whit's dog. I'd never been looking for a lost dog before; they put you through the third degree. Two men were there with me, also looking for dogs, and they made us fill out forms and show our drivers license. Then they escorted us back into the nether regions where the sad eyes occupied the kennels. Everybody, of course, wanted us to take them home, except for those who were scared and curled in a cowardly little ball. There were a couple of Aussie shepherds, but none that looked exactly like Lucky. He has one brown eye and one blue eye, so he's pretty hard to miss. One hopeful note is there was a lady there with three little kids; they were adopting one of the dogs.

On my way out I ducked into the cat room to see who was there. Very few adult cats, lots of kittens. There was one very unusual kitten who couldn't have been more than five weeks. She is tiny, tiny. She stood up in her cage and squeaked at me, begging me to have pity. Very strange coloring. The adoption card on the cage called her a "black tabby", which I have never heard of or seen before. It's like she is striped with two colors of black.

When I go back to take them some pictures of Lucky, I will have to strictly avoid going in the cat room, or I might get in trouble.

Suzi sent me an email saying she had cried all night, and Whit has called me several times, and it is so hard to tell them I have no news about their dog. I feel just terrible about this.


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