Jabberwocky for 2004 April 20 (entry 0)

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[Comments] (5) Today I Saw.....: Two wild ducks flying low over the freeway, heading north. This was worrisome. There are supposed to be more than two ducks in a flock. Let us hope that they are just catching up to the crowd. There necks were stretched out long in front of them and they were so low I could see the markings on their throats and wings.

...A real estate ad, the headline for which read "Road Resurfaced Two Years Ago." If this is the main selling point for the place, then that is really sad. That's all it is, is just sad. The poor house was going for $54,000, resurfaced road and all.

...No dog for Whit. But I finally got the fax from the vet in Texas and the paperwork from Dr. Reno so I can get Sadie a city dog license.


Posted by Leonard at Tue Apr 20 2004 15:53

I thought they'd never find that road again! It just plumb packed up and took off back in the nineties, but it funally resurfaced two years ago.

Posted by Kristen at Wed Apr 21 2004 11:31

What does a city license do?

Posted by Frances at Wed Apr 21 2004 13:48

If they get picked up by Animal Control and they don't have a license they are put to sleep.

Posted by Kristen at Wed Apr 21 2004 16:35

Oh, sad. So all those animals in the pound all have licenses?

Posted by Frances at Wed Apr 21 2004 18:19

No, they don't. If they have a license, then the Animal Control brings them home. That's much better. You have to just rush down there every day to see if your lost pet was brought in. That is one of the reasons why Whit's dog is so much of an emergency. So far I guess the authorities haven't found him, but a lady saw him walking the streets yesterday.


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