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Groan!: I was going to get going this morning and get a whole lot of stuff done, but instead I am sick. Today drank 4 oz. apple juice, which I don't think counts because I threw it up, a cup of chicken broth, and a small V-8. The jury is still out on the V-8. Besides nausea, I am sooooo dizzy, and Whit and Suzi and SarahMaurie are getting ready to leave to come here and stay with me and look for Lucky. I warned Suzi that it is entirely possible she will be on her own while she is here and that I wasn't up to much.

When I get like this I start thinking that there is no way I will get everything done that I need to do before I die, but what can ya do? I'll get done what I can, and as for the rest, so be it.


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