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Sunday: Reid Jackman came over and worked on my computer. He got the scanner to work, but PageManager is gone. We'll have to scan from PhotoFinish. The Hotburn software won't work with the new CD/DVD burner, so I will have to buy new. I fed the Jackmans chicken tacos; it's always fun to have them over. Doris is working on a darling little dress for the expected new granddaughter. Won't it be a huge joke if the doctors are wrong, like they were with Alyssa and Camilla? Somebody else in The Church of the Hallway today was telling how she was told to expect a little boy and it was a girl.

Whit and Suzi and SarahMaurie came when the Jackmans left, and I fed them tacos too. They are out now hanging up more fliers and looking for Lucky, and I need to be grading papers.

One thing that worked really well for the chicken tacos is I mixed the salsa with the shredded chicken to warm it up. It was good that way, and not dry.


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