Jabberwocky for 2004 April 28 (entry 0)

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[Comments] (3) Creepy Crawly: There is a fascinating spider in my bedroom. He is big and black and hairy. A really scary dude, and he not only runs, he hops. Jumps. He has some white stripes on his legs and a white spot on his bumby. He is so big that you can see his body parts--leg segments, mandibles, eyes... I am trying not to be afraid of him because he is A-1 at catching flies, but the spiders in Harry Potter have nothing on this guy.

It's incredible to watch him weaving with all those legs a-going. He patrols very fiercely, and I've been able to leave my door open for the cool air all night because I know any insect that enters will be DNS. He will actually jump after a fly without bothering with a web. I told Irma this morning to make sure she doesn't kill him.


Posted by The Patrol at Wed Apr 28 2004 15:13

Don't you mean "Harry Potter" ?

Posted by Susie at Wed Apr 28 2004 17:45

Mom, that's yucky! hope he doesn't bite you.

Posted by frances at Wed Apr 28 2004 17:58

nynanh I'll fix it.


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