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[Comments] (2) : Bulletin:I ate my strawberry today. Yesterday I went to White Forest Nursery and got three flats of gazania and a flat of wooly thyme, some herbs, a zuke, some catnip, and whatever else looked pretty. I've been planting and weeding all morning--lots more to do! The catnip already has been mauled and isn't doing all that great.

Just as I was removing my rubber gloves to come in, a goat-footed La Rosa guy whistled far and wee, so I bought a limon and sat eating it under my back patio. It's like heaven in my back yard. The Lady Banks rose is hanging in fragrant streamers down from the patio overhead. In bloom are the lemon, Valencia orange, and grapefruit (navel orange still isn't doing much, maybe next year!), the apple, and the boysenberries. Also the Brazillian jasmine and the freesia, and you couldn't bottle the fragrance! There are little baby apricots on the apricot tree. I suppose if I were ambitious I would get out there and thin them, but I've got a whole carpet worth of gazania to plant. I want to get it done before the daffodil leaves die down, so that I don't disturb bulbs while planting the ground cover. --


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