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[Comments] (2) : Daylight Savings relay: Gaaahh! I have eleven clocks! Oops, twelve! (I forgot there is one in my cell phone.) Thirteen! (but the answering machine is not hooked up.) Arrrgh! Fourteen! My IV pump. How can ONE PERSON have fourteen clocks????

: After another day of hard work I should reach the end of the people whose names begin with the prefix Fitz-. Then coming up, the Flemish and French royalty, which are pages and pages of tangled mess. England wasn't too bad, so knock on wood.

Heads up to all planning to make Aunt Jeuney's beef stroganoff ahead of time and freeze it. Do NOT freeze it with the sour cream in it--it curdles. Freeze the meat in the sauce and then stir in fresh sour cream when you are heating it up to serve it.


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