Jabberwocky for 2004 May 12 (entry 1)

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[Comments] (3) Round and Round in Podunk-Town: After waiting fruitlessly for the local paper to publish news of Chechnya, I gave up and looked for an update on Lexis-Nexus. Thank heavens I am a college professor and have that alternative available. I've been complaining about the situation there for days and almost everyone says "Who?" "What?"

Hello, folks! The days when we could huddle up in our little American cocoon and ignore the rest of the world are O-V-E-R! Since technology is what it is, the probability is that if one of those little countries goes down, they will take us with them, like a big stack of dominoes.

World War I (the war that ruined the world) started with an assassination in just that area of the earth.


Posted by John at Wed May 12 2004 15:23

Both the assasination and the EU addition were in the Utah papers here, as I read about both of them. I guess you just need to move to a more pro-war, Republican state that takes such a global position....

Posted by por-awareness at Wed May 12 2004 16:18

Was also in the LA times.

The problem is, even if some people know, they think "what can I so?" and cease to care.

Posted by susie at Wed May 12 2004 20:13

I wouldn't have even heard about either of these events if it wasn't on the weblogs.


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