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Finally!: All finished with this semester except for turning in grades. I do have to meet with class members on Wednesday morning to go over their exams, and one of them says she is going to bring late work. We shall see. She had a baby, and some complications, and wasn't feeling so hot when I talked to her last. She's going to get an incomplete and take the test with my summer school class.

I have three who tried and tried--and this is their third time through Eng. 60-- and they failed. They need to be in ESL, but will they listen to me? noooo. Even if they did take ESL, there are so few sections it's almost impossible to get a class. I sent two of my boys to Susan McQuerrey, however.

Sigh. I think I will go back home and return to bed.

[Comments] (3) Yoooohooo! Universe to George W. Bush:: Lookie here at today's headline from CNN. CIA: Top Bin Laden Ally Beheaded Berg in Iraq See? See? Al Quaida did it, not the Iraquis. Al Quaida attacked New York City, not the Iraquis. Let's get focused on the goal here! You've got a job left unfinished.


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