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[Comments] (3) Apricot Day:: What a day! Rachel and I picked all the apricots that were ripe and picked up the ones that had fallen. We made apricot jam. Apricot pineapple jam. Apricot plum jam. And six quarts of cobbler filling AND a huge huge cobbler to take to the ward party. It was good, but Sadie got up on the table and helped herself to some of it.

After that, I went over to the Welsh's to make shisk kebabs and cut up fruit. The social was well attended, and it looked like people had fun. I started getting nauseated toward the end, but what do I expect, eating so late? Brock Hare had brought a "fruit" salad (his sly little dig) that looked incredible, and most people ate that and not my cobbler, so there is a lot left over. Rachel will take some of it with her back to LA.

Brock is a bad boy. I should spend more time with him, being bad.


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