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[Comments] (2) Weekend: Leonard and Sumana came to visit and to see the grandparents. Grandpa isn't doing too well, IMHO. I spent Friday and then yesterday over there helping pack to move them to Columbus Estates. The move happens Wednesday. Grandpa doesn't want to go. It's hard and exhausting to see them getting older.

I spent half the night last night doing the ward newsletter and waiting for the Bishop to send his column, and then the rest of the night throwing up. Leonard and Sumana brought me some peppermint ice cream from Dewar's, which I thought would taste good, but it was like cod liver oil to me. Also I guess it's been forever and a day since I had any amount of any dessert kind of thing, so maybe my body was rejecting the fat and sugar. Bleah.

Going back to bed now.

Please Don't Leave Me Your Junk!: I finally made it through the box that Aunt Jeuney left with my name on it. It did contain Marton Ackerman's genealogy and a copy of her patriarchial blessing, which are maybe good things for me to have. It also contained letters written between Uncle Carl and Aunt Jeuney. I don't understand how two people who can write each other such mushy letters and love each other so much can get a divorce. I am going to mail these letters to Whit and Suzi.

The rest of the box was full of letters to and from various people, with variations on the theme of "Hi, I know I'm late writing back, we are fine." I put them through the paper shredder, and also all the sales receipts and newspaper clippings. Why me? Oh, I know why me. It's because AJ always thought I cared about family history--and I do-- but bleah. People should go through their own stuff before they die.


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