Jabberwocky for 2004 May 2 (entry 1)

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Please Don't Leave Me Your Junk!: I finally made it through the box that Aunt Jeuney left with my name on it. It did contain Marton Ackerman's genealogy and a copy of her patriarchial blessing, which are maybe good things for me to have. It also contained letters written between Uncle Carl and Aunt Jeuney. I don't understand how two people who can write each other such mushy letters and love each other so much can get a divorce. I am going to mail these letters to Whit and Suzi.

The rest of the box was full of letters to and from various people, with variations on the theme of "Hi, I know I'm late writing back, we are fine." I put them through the paper shredder, and also all the sales receipts and newspaper clippings. Why me? Oh, I know why me. It's because AJ always thought I cared about family history--and I do-- but bleah. People should go through their own stuff before they die.


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