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Beep. Beep. Beep.: My TPN pump went bonkers in the night, so I had to disconnect my IV. By morning I was too weak to go work in the yard, and it was early afternoon (and naptime) by the time they brought me a new one. So for tomorrow, the plan is plant blueberries.

I went to Target and bought a gift for Laura and Michael Rasmussen's baby, (another!) wastebasket, and some little dishes for Jellybean to drink Arrowhead water from. I forgot to buy the two gift cards that I intended to pick up. I did remember to get my reprint of photos from Easter. Then I went to the grocery store and now I am done for.

[Comments] (1) Later On:: I forgot to mention that while I was at Target I saw Jimmy and Robin Carlisle there. They have always been good friends to me. Valerie was with them, with a little girl and half a baby in her tummy. They asked about everybody.

Jimmy told me he doesn't think I'm looking that good. I could always count on him to tell it straight.

I have waded through almost all of the "G" names in my list. I'm down to the GUs, and there are five more pages of G to go before I start H. Today I checked and got biographical dates for a lot of Welsh ancestors, but don't expect me to say their names.


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