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[Comments] (4) Walking Wounded: I accidentally stabbed myself in the thigh with my little sharp scrapbooking scissors. I must have hit a vein, or there is not much left of my leg, or something, because it spurted great loads of purple [oxygenated] arterial blood. Oh no! Shall I panic? Shall I call 911? No. I shall apply pressure to the wound and discourage the dogs from investigating. I made it to the bathroom and butterflied it shut with a band-aid. As swelling has started in, the bleeding has quieted down, and now it hurtz.

Yes, my tetanus shot is up to date. Is YOURS, faithful reader?

Burnt: Last weekend, Rachel and I made apricot cobbler filling. We took a mongo cobbler to the ward potlluck and then canned the rest in quarts. However, I burnt a bunch of it in the bottom of my big pot. Ugh. After applying elbow grease all week and getting nowhere, I looked for tips on the net.

On one of them, the person who posted it said they tried it because it was such a crazy idea it might work and it did. It was swish a dryer sheet around the pot, and the carbon will magically leave the pot and adhere to the dryersheet. Right. The carbon in my pot laughed at my dryer sheet.

The hint I am trying right now is sprinkle the burned part with dishwasher soap and add water, then simmer. It's working okay, slowly, but ok. (When I say slowly, I mean it's been simmering all day, and still traces of burned stuff.) It still takes scraping and elbow grease, and I am an unhappy camper because I really needed to make apricot nectar this weekend, and I can't without the big pot.

Don Aslett says use oven cleaner, but I hesitate to do that to my good French cookware. Of course, I shouldn't burn stuff in my good French cookware either, but there you have it.


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