Jabberwocky for 2004 May 23 (entry 0)

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[Comments] (4) Walking Wounded: I accidentally stabbed myself in the thigh with my little sharp scrapbooking scissors. I must have hit a vein, or there is not much left of my leg, or something, because it spurted great loads of purple [oxygenated] arterial blood. Oh no! Shall I panic? Shall I call 911? No. I shall apply pressure to the wound and discourage the dogs from investigating. I made it to the bathroom and butterflied it shut with a band-aid. As swelling has started in, the bleeding has quieted down, and now it hurtz.

Yes, my tetanus shot is up to date. Is YOURS, faithful reader?


Posted by Rachel at Sun May 23 2004 13:31

yikes! I'm sorry! (those scrapbooking scissors are dangerous)

Posted by Susie at Mon May 24 2004 14:51

Your crafts are always hurting you... sewing your finger, razorblading your finger, stabbing yourself.. Silly Mommy. I hope you are ok.

Posted by Susie at Mon May 24 2004 19:48

By the way, they wouldn't give me a tetnus shot when I went to Romania. They are supposed to last 10 years.

Posted by frances at Mon May 24 2004 21:35

I got my last one in the emergency room the time I razor bladed my finger.


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