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[Comments] (3) Where the Heart Is:: I spent most of the day at the Heart Hospital with my inlaws. They had taken Grandpa to Memorial yesterday, but they found some things wrong with him in the ER, so the doctor moved him to the Heart Hospital. They are running every test in the book--and apparently finding more things wrong that lead to more tests....

I don't think Grandpa has a very clear picture of how serious his situation could be. So far, that I have heard, he has blockage in his kidneys and an embolism in his lung.

Grandma is managing the best she can, but she can't hop up and find his glasses, straighten the pillows, run to the nurses station, and all those little things that need to be done when a loved one is in the hospital.

I made Grandma go to lunch--the hospital cafeteria is called a cafe. The Heart Rock Cafe. No lie. The food looked pretty good, but I only had jello. When we got back, Bones was in the room going over Grandpa with a tricorder. It was interesting to see the various internal organs as they appeared on the computer screen. Tomorrow Pat has to go to Madera, so I have extracted a promise that if Grandma needs a ride and company tomorrow, she is to call me.

Then I came home and was very sick (orange jello, yuck) and went to bed for the rest of the day. I am not accomplishing much.


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