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[Comments] (8) Bookworm:: I have finally finished reading The History of Private Life. It consists of 18205 pages and spands a thousand years. Whew! I sure learned a lot. I also read, mostly today, The Red Tent, which is a historical novel about Jacob's family from the point of view of his daughter, Dinah. The author opens a window into a fascinating world.


Posted by Rachel at Wed May 26 2004 20:54

Shall I bring more books to read?

Posted by Susie at Fri May 28 2004 08:30

is it really 18,000 pages? that is a lot.

Posted by Rachel at Fri May 28 2004 08:43

It's 18,000 pages over like, 8 seperate books.

Posted by Alyson at Fri May 28 2004 10:17

So, what did you learn about private life?

Posted by Frances at Fri May 28 2004 12:15

Everything. 18000 pages worth. What people ate in every era, how they lived, how they made love, how families were structured, how families intereacted with the political world, attitudes toward women, the role of children... everything.

Posted by Kristen at Fri May 28 2004 14:44

So would you say that the new reality series on PBS is it?, is accurate? It is called Colonial House, and from my understanding they are supposed to and have agreed to live like it was 1624. I think it is lame b/c all the women complain about their work load and that they are in the kitchen all the time. Well hello! What did you expect in 1624?! I do find it ironio too that a black man's role in the community is a "freeman". I guess that is the 21st century P.C. coming through.

Posted by Frances at Fri May 28 2004 17:15

Well, I know more about European history than US history, but I've heard the writers of that series researched and tried to be accurate. And many blacks were "freemen" in the north. Slavery wasn't big until later on, and in the south. To learn more about everyday life in the Colonies read Laurel Thatcher Ulrich's study of Martha Ballard, a midwife who kept a diary over many years. Laurel is a member of the Church and a professor at... Harvard? Yale? Anyhow she won a Pulitzer for this book.

Posted by Rachel at Fri May 28 2004 21:19

I watched that series in my history of London class! Only it was BBC, and 1940s House.


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