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[Comments] (3) Long Day:: I spent most of the day working on my syllabus for summer school. I still have more to do. I broke out all the paragraph editing into separate assignments. I am going to read turned in editing assignments until I find the first mistake, and then back it goes to the student and the grade goes down. If I have to return it a second and third time, I will, and the grade will go down some more. I am sick and tired of them slopping through things.

Sadie has been to the groomer and she is NAKED! I bet she feels better in this heat. I also made it downtown to get her dog tag. I think if those people who work for the City could work any more slowly and inefficiently, they would qualify for a job with the County! In the Welfare Department or the Health Department.

I was going to get my syllabus for fall done today too, but it's not going to happen.


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