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[Comments] (1) The Symbolism is Obvious:: I had a dream last night that there was this big banquet at church (held in the Wilshire Ward chapel) and I was out in the hallway and couldn't get in. I looked in at the table, and it was crowded with outstanding couples--the Poulsons, the Boswells (I thought Lois Boswell looked really good for being dead.) Both Bishop Traynor and President Tanner assured me that I could come in, even though I had no one to sit with. I looked and couldn't see an empty chair, and I knew that if I went in, they would scramble around and find me a little corner and I would still be alone.

I was starving and I wanted a Whopper, but I couldn't go in there to eat the dinner.

I'm gonna go buy me a Whopper.


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