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[Comments] (4) A Capitalist Economy:: I ventured out into the wide world today. I am planning to go to the scrapbook store next Friday because I have a coupon to use their facility for free, so I dropped by to check out what they have. I think I'll have to bring my own CM cropparoodle and scissors. I have seven years of my life left to scrapbook, and I want to use their big tables to lay it all out at once.

Then I went to Office Depot to get more file folders and some watercolor brushes. While there, I found that they had stocked OmniPage Pro, so I bought it. I know it wasn't there a couple of months ago when I was looking all over town for an OCR program that would work with Windows XT. I do hope I can get this to work with my old scanner. I have lots and lots of OCs that are waiting to be Rd.

Then I went shopping for an outfit to wear to graduation. I found a few nice summer clothes at Ross. The only thing left that I really need is a pair of white capri pants. The ones I found at Ross I liked really well. They only had a size ten, which fit fine everywhere but around the tummy. Bleah. I'll look at Target one of these days.

That did me in and I came home and collapsed and slept for a few hours. Now up, it's 4 p.m, and I haven't even started my paper grading and newsletter typing.


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