Jabberwocky for 2004 June 22 (entry 0)

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[Comments] (3) Several Green-Eyed Monsters:: I bragged to Dr. Amin that my last had graduated from UCLA, and he told me that his youngest graduated from UCR a couple of weeks ago. They took her on an Alaskan cruise for a graduation celebration, and that's where he was when I got sick. It gives me a little pang that I am not able to do things like that for my children.

He had a little jealousy himself, however, as I told him all about my hospital stay. He cast his jaundiced eye on the medications they had me on, the doctors they called in (except Dr. Manouj--he likes him), and the whole procedure. Serves me right for getting sick when he is out of town.


Posted by John at Wed Jun 23 2004 10:45

Don't worry mom. You've made it possible for your kids to go to Europe! My parents never took me anywhere but Palmdale CA every summer to visit my sister. Palmdale is like the worst place; even worse than Bakersfield if you can imagine. All my journeyings west of the Beehive State were done at my own expense and due to my own ambition.

Posted by Susie at Wed Jun 23 2004 11:26

You're doctor was jealous that he didn't get to treat you in the hospital?

Posted by Rachel at Wed Jun 23 2004 12:30

Look at it this way: UCLA is loads better than UCR, but if I'd have stayed there, we could have gone to Alaska on the money I'd have saved in rent!


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