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[Comments] (4) A Waste of Onion Soup:: Today has been pretty slow. I feel crummy. However, Rachel and I went to the matinee of Farenheit 9/11. I thought we'd be the only people in the theater, but it was full. The film was, of course, very biased, but since it was biased towards my beliefs, I didn't mind.

Then we went to visit Grandpa. He didn't even sit up in bed. Grandma was there sitting with him, working on a baby quilt which she was piecing by hand. It's pink, so if Shannon has a girl this time, she will get it so she can raise the poor little thing according to outmoded sexist stereotypes. (I don't think she will, and I hope she won't.)

I remarked that I haven't seen her making a quilt since the one she made for Leonard when he was born. She said she quit making them about that time because Grandma Jessie started to crank them out.

Now Rachel and I are going to see Ella Enchanted, if we can ever get Gretel out.


Posted by kristen at Sat Jun 26 2004 19:12

What's wrong with pink?

Posted by Frances at Sat Jun 26 2004 21:45

Inheritently, nothing. However, the color symbolizes the historical opression of women. This symbolism is changing as women reclaim the word, color, and concept and make it a symbol of strength rather than helplessness. (Contemporary examples are the Susan G. Komen Foundation and the CODEPINK organization.)

I myself never bought either of my girls a single pink item when they were little. (I have been guilty of magenta.) They did wear pink sometimes because Grandma provided it, but I tried to raise them to be strong women.

I have a pink t-shirt I bought last summer. My first one since the 70s. I try not to be embarassed when I wear it because feminists of my generation (and my mother's generation)used to avoid pink.

Having said that, I never give anything either pink or blue as a baby shower gift, just as I try to choose cards that are not sexist.

Posted by Nancy at Sun Jun 27 2004 00:35

I love pink. Just for the color itself, not for any connotations it may have. It is pleasing to my eye. Incidently, my boys wore pink T-shirts when they were in Junior high, also purple, and aqua because they were popular colors for both sexes at the time. Jen wore pink frequently as a baby as well as blue, green, and yellow, as did my boys. Colors are what we make them. Jens favorite T-shirt, a black one, said LOVE SEES NO COLOR, because so many people couldnt understand WHY we had Ebony with us all the time. My computer has been out of service for awhile, glad to be back. Hearts to you, Nancy

Posted by Kristen at Sun Jun 27 2004 16:11

Well, I am going to dress Lily in anything pink, but noot only that color. I used to not think I would b/c I was tomboyish, but now I am going to celebrate her feminism and not hide her in blue. Although, I do know what you mean, Frances.


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