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[Comments] (1) Night Noises:: Gretel whiffeling in her dreams. Swoosh of the ceiling fan. Tock of the alarm clock. Jellybean: snoring. Whirr of the air conditioning unit. Somewhere in a pipe, running water going out the drip system. Far-away hum of freeway traffic. Then, the Sheriff's helicopter. Sadie, restless in her crate. Tonks rattling his tags. Slow sawing sound of the IV pump. And suddenly, through the night, sirens.

[Comments] (5) Cruizin': I've been looking at recipes on the internet. There are so many! Just about anything you could imagine, you can find it online. What I have noticed, however, is a disappointing number of them call for prepared ingredients instead of being strictly from scratch. Same problem with the new Italian cookbooks I bought. They use boullion cubes with a liberal hand. I don't believe in boullion cubes, although boullion is what kept me alive during me week in the hospital. It may be nasty and dehydrated and processed, but at least it was better than the soup from the cafeteria, and it came in a styrofoam cup that I knew was at least clean.


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