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[Comments] (3) Public Service Announcement:: The spa is now fixed! Come one, come all! However, you don't really need to get in the steaming water to be hot. Just stand outside in the air; that will do.

[Comments] (1) Back to the Salt Mines:: I am at work getting ready for summer school. It's so quiet here! The only other person in the building is Dave Ramirez, the custodian. I don't know if he was glad to have company or not. I am trying not to mess anything up. Dave is so sweet and works so hard, against incredible odds.

I went through my new worksheet packet and put all the overheads with the sheets and cleaned out last semester. I answered all my emails and straightened my desk. I cleaned out the file box that goes with me to the classroom. I played all my Scrabble turns. (Oopsie! That's not "work", is it?)

There are 28 students registered for my class (full class) and a dozen more on the wait list. The only thing left to do is print out a class roster--I'm going to do that Sunday night in case someone drops between now and then,or signs on to the waitlist. Then Monday, we will yoke up the oxen. I'm going to tell them to look at their butts and then say goodbye, because they are going to work them off the next six weeks. What they don't realize is that all the work I give them is work for me X30.


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