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Mr. Spiny:: Gretel and I went to a yard sale this morning. It was over on San Emidio Street, at the house where the Mains used to live. The woman had had her mother move in with her and they were getting rid of a lot of stuff. So many knick-knacks! There were a lot of trashy bunny figurines, bunny candle holders, bunny junk. There were some plastic pieces for the kitsch creche, but nothing we didn't have already. Shoot, I shoulda bought the angel though. It was really tacky. Gahhhh. I bought a gigantic sea urchin.

It's fun to think of him living his life in the briny deep, snapping at plankton (or whatever he eats). Now his skeleton is sitting on my coffee table.

The sale continued into the back yard of the lady next door. You could hardly get onto the patio for the stuff--she had barrels of junk not even unpacked. It was a huge, incredible mess, and nothing worth having. There were three --count 'em, THREE!-- bride and groom wedding cake statuettes.

This experience made me think even more of my own pile of stuff. What will we ever do with it? Arrrgh.

At least I don't have anything tacky. Except the kitsch creche.

[Comments] (3) The Carpet Sweeper:: Gretel did something today that --I think-- was intended to be helpful. I was settled on the couch with a trashy novel and a bowl of popcorn on my lap. She came in carrying a stray puff of popcorn, very gently, and spit it into the bowl.

I couldn't tell which kernel was hers either. Lucky a dog's mouth is clean.


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